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You Game Bro? Ep.23 Lewis Vaughan

November 16, 2016

A podcast where Pez & Matt talks to some of Australia's most talented Youtuber's, Twitch streamers and Gaming personalities in the gaming industry about their passion that is video gaming and where they started.

For episode 23 we are joined by Lewis 'Pikalew' Vaughan. Lewis is a host of 6T4Bites, writes for Press Start Australia and has written for the likes of PCPowerPlay Magazine, Hyper Magazine and even Top Gear Australia

TOPICS THIS WEEK: PAX Aus, Pokemon, Twitch, Ubisoft, #Moistnoodles, Melbourne Games Week, Final Fantasy 15, Dishonored 2, 6t4Bites, Hideo Kojima at RTX Sydney and You Game Bro hitting 30,000 Downloads!

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Filthy Creatures
The Consouls
Intro Song: In the Bar (Streets of Rage II)

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