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You Game Bro? Podcast Ep 28. Wyld

December 21, 2016

A podcast where Pez & Matt talks to some of Australia's most talented Youtuber's, Twitch streamers and Gaming personalities in the gaming industry about their passion that is video gaming and where they started.

This week the one and only Sir Wyld joins Pez & Matty on the podcast to talk about his career as a Minecraft Modpack Maker and Professional Twitch Streamer for over 3 years.  

Topics this week: Minecraft, mods, notch, joys of drinking, Star Wars the Old Republic, Wild Arms, Chocolate Pancakes are a lie, Spec ops the Line and the Best Ultimate Game ever made of all time!

This Podcast is filmed live every wednesday 8pm AEDT on

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Filthy Creatures
The Consouls
Intro Song: In the Bar (Streets of Rage II)

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